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Welcome to the website of the Grand Lodge of Luxembourg.

Allow me to explain in a few words who we are and how we work.

Freemasonry is an initiatory fraternity which aims at the moral and spiritual improvement of its members. Coming from the tradition of "operative" Masonry of the ancient cathedral builders, today's Freemasonry, called "speculative", continues the work of the ancients. However, we no longer build stone temples, but each modern Freemason builds his own inner temple; this with the aim of behaving in the secular world with benevolence and humanity and thus making his individual contribution to the betterment of society.

For 300 years, speculative Freemasonry has been organized in lodges that work according to traditional rites, cultivating the values of freedom, tolerance, brotherhood and respect for others. In our work, we favour listening, open-mindedness and free examination. We use the tools of the ancient operative masons, but for symbolic purposes to perfect ourselves.

So-called regular Freemasonry, of which the Grand Lodge of Luxembourg is a part, refrains from any political or religious discussion during its work, in order not to provoke controversy on sensitive subjects that could jeopardise harmony between the brothers. 
Like our country, the Grand Lodge of Luxembourg is small, open to the outside world and multilingual. It has about 300 members, coming from the most diverse geographical, ethnic and religious backgrounds. It is this plurality of cultures and spiritual and philosophical conceptions that makes our richness and that we want to cultivate.

At present, we have 6 lodges, of which 4 work in French, one in English and one in German. Each lodge works according to a specific rite. 
The Grand Lodge of Luxembourg confers on its members the three symbolic grades of Freemasonry, that of Apprentice, FellowCraft and Master Mason. 

Dear reader, if you are interested in regular Freemasonry, I invite you to continue on the following pages.

If, on the other hand, Freemasonry does not tempt you, then I hope I have at least given you some objective information about our Order. 

With my sincere greetings

Jean-Jacques Rauchs
Grand Master